Sockie™ - The Helpful Sock Aid
Sockie™ - The Helpful Sock Aid
Sockie™ - The Helpful Sock Aid
Sockie™ - The Helpful Sock Aid

Sockie™ - The Helpful Sock Aid

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Our innovative Sockie™ sock aid helps you put on your socks without having to bend down. No more pain when putting on socks!

Putting socks on and taking them off has never been easier with Sockie™. Try it out for yourself and soon you will have no more pain when putting on and taking off your socks.


Experience instant and long term benefits:

  • Instant pain relief
  • Become more independent
  • Prevent injuries
  • Save time
  • Make your life easier

Our Sockie™ sock aid is helpful for people with:

  • Mobility limitations
  • Injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • Pain when bending down
  • Problems putting on socks


    Already with the first use you will notice a noticeable difference. Putting on your socks has never been easier.

    Not only does Sockie™ deliver instant relief, but you can see lasting results after daily usage.

    Use Sockie whenever you need to put on or take off socks. Thanks to its small size, Sockie™ is very portable and easy to use.


    Putting on socks can sometimes be a real ordeal - be it through restricted mobility, pain or pregnancy.

    Our Sockie sock aid allows you to put on your socks without having to bend down.

    Simply slip your sock over Sockie, place Sockie on the floor and slip into the opening. That's it, you'll have put on your sockie effortlessly and painlessly and can start the day carefree!


    If you suffer from limited mobility, have pain when putting on socks or are pregnant, Sockie is perfect for you!

    It is designed to make it easier to put on socks and thereby prevent pain and injury.

    It is the ideal solution for people who want to finally put on socks without any problems and thus regain a piece of freedom and independence!


    Question: Does Sockie work without me having to bend over?

    Answer: Yes, thanks to the well thought-out design and the included handle, you never have to bend down at any time.

    Question: Does Sockie work with different types of socks?

    Answer: Yes, Sockie is compatible with all common types of socks.

    Question: What is included in delivery?

    Answer: Apart from Sockie is a handle designed to work as a shoe horn.

    Question: Does Sockie also work for swollen feet?

    Answer: Yes, it also works for swollen feet.


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